The protestant students’ parish welcomes everyone who is studying or teaching students in Erfurt. Maybe you would like to consider the meaning of the students’ parish.

First it means: you can meet students who are of the same age and who are in a similar situation as you are. Moreover it means: these people are living in Erfurt either alone or with their families in order to acquire knowledge for their future professions.

But it also means: here you can come together with young people who share the conviction that life is more than just fun, money and hard work. People you meet in the parish believe that everybody is important, because everybody is a special thought of God created by him and gifted by God, with many valuable talents. Students from different branches of science come to the protestant students’ parish. These students are interested in lectures and discussions about current issues of society and church. In this parish you’ll meet students who enjoy shared activities as well as meditation, improving many sides of their personalities, thinking and laughing, celebrating services and also birthdays.

There is another task we consider important to pursue: helping disabled people. Therefore the protestant parish has a partnership with a house for disabled people in Altengesees, near Saalfeld.

I’m sure, if you also enjoyed some of these things, you’ll find friends in the parish! If you need help or counselling, do not hesitate to ask the students’ pastor. When you have a look at the programme now, you will see that there is no competition between the catholic and protestant parish, but a good co-operation instead, because both parishes care about what they can do together as an ecumenical experiences. We will enjoy your visit!

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